Mission Statement

The Ozark Classic Crafts Mall Mission Statement:

Ozark Classic Craft, Inc…aka… The Ozark Classic Crafts Mall (OCCM) located in Hardy Arkansas, USA, North America, Western Hemisphere, Planet Earth, Sol (the Latin name of our solar system), The Milky Way Galaxy and…the rest of the Universe (also known as THE Force which guides all that is, ever was and ever will be).

The OCCM is created to be a multi-faceted operation. The following are our way to BE:

  1.  The OCCM is to BE a vehicle to a life worth living for it’s current proprietor (whenever and whoever he/she may be at any one particular moment in time ((whatever THAT is)). A life full of fun, sharing, love, entertainment and most of all creativity. This will be accomplished by operating a fiscally sound business that makes an annual profit of moderate (non-greedy) levels.
  2.  The OCCM is to BE operated in a manner so that Craft Artists may make a living by sharing their craft and talent through sales, education and demonstrations so that others may also have rule number 1 in their lives.
  3.  The OCCM is to BE a place where children may learn how to have Rule #1, by allowing them to have rule #2.
  4.  The OCCM is to Be a fun place of learning, selling and teaching Craft Art within the Ozark Classic Crafts Trust Foundation which will fund and operate the OCCM upon my death (or perhaps sooner) with proceeds of sales of crafts as has been stated in Rule #2.
  5.  The OCCM must always BE Fun, if it isn’t, what’s the point of doing Rules 1-4.