OCCM Tales/Stories

This is where I will tell  (and share) the happenings of the Mall. I call it the ‘Mall’ becuase to always say the “Ozark Classic Crafts Mall” while refering to the place over and over and over again, could. by some, be misconstrued as being pretentious. That would certainly be wrong thinking, but what others think is not my area. Anyway…I like the “Mall”. It works for me, I wish it too would for you…and we all know the rules of wishing and wish granting…don’t we now?

I would hope that you (whoever you are) might take a moment and write your thoughts and happenings while visiting the Mall. You can do this in the testimonial section. Use this link (Testimonials) to go directly there, from here, but don’t forget where you’ve been and how to come back and read the tales as they continue to be posted here.

When you get a round tuit, come back and visit. At the very least, you might get a clue as to the maddness behind the method that goes into running what alot of people say…’Is their favorite store’. Those words are high praise and I wish that it remains so for many a long year.

With great humility, the artists of the Ozark Classic Crafts Mall say…Thank you! Thank you for supporting us and enjoying what we have created. Honestly, if it weren’t for ya’ll purchasing our stuff, we would be left with too many of our own creations to play with , nor would we have as much drive to advance our creativity.

The truth about craft artists is this…we are neurotically inclined to perfection, and the artists are the definition of that. Craft Artists are a very different bunch of personages. The art part drives us madd. The crafter part combined with the art part makes us neurotic too. We are driven to have a neurotic attention to detail. There’s a fine line between maddness and insanity. Einstein used to say (they say he was a pretty smart fellow) that he wasn’t sure if he was madd or that maybe it was everyone else. Either way, we are all the same. The choice is simple…We can either enjoy our insanity, or be driven crazy by it. I am certainly endeavor to enjoy it…and the Mall is a fun place to be and meeting all of you is, well…always  a pleasure. As the gentlehobbits of Hobbiton say…I and the Artists of  THE Ozark Classic Crafts Mall, ‘are always at your service!’

October 7, 2010: This day started out like any other Thursday. Did our radio show with James Bragg, made a cup of coffee and talked up the Mall and the  Artists, then afterwards took Khatru for his morning walk, we visited with other shop owners, and arrived at the Mall in time to open the store at 10. There is always great activity in the place. This morning was wound up immediately. Dave Gardner is a talented artist who specializes in Western Art. I’d not had the pleasure of seeing Dave’s work before and I was greatly impressed with his artistic creativity. It will be a pleasure to share his art with everyone and please make sure you visit our new Western Art department. Welcome Dave, to the family of artists at the Ozark Classic Crafts Mall.

There were many people who came in, but the highlight of the day was when we had returning guests from a year ago. A family and their children came in and had a wonderful time, remembering the fun that they had last October. They come to the area each year to fish and have fun in the Spring River Valley.  There is always something interesting that is going on in the Mall and the topic of discussions ranges all over the place.  Today, a grandmother purchased 2 wizard wands for her young wizards. It is a highlight of my day to monogram a wand for a child. These wands are nothing but keys to the imagination and I’m honored that my creations can aid in unlocking that imagination.

Thanks to all who came in and made this day so very special. Please remember, you may post your thoughts and experiences at the Ozark Classic Crafts Mall in our Testimonial section.

Ya’ll come back now……here!

October 8: Many visitors were present today. It is always wonderful to have the time to  visit. There were personages from all over today, Florida, Wisconson, Iowa…Many were just stopping to stretch and instantly fell in love with Hardy. I understand that feeling. Its how I got here. I fell in love with Hardy. This couple were so enamored with Hardy. They truely enjoyed themselves. Sometimes we have honeymooners staying with us and sharing their time and selves. Its always magical to be able to hear and listen while others tell how special this place feels and is to them.  

Anyway…fun stuff. We have many new and exciting artists who have just recently arrived on the scene.  Western Nail and Wire Art and also Childrens clothing are two of our new artists. Soon we will be able to make custom color liscence plates, key chains, coffee mugs, t-shirts and Wagon Wheel lighted fixtures, both wall mount and hanging chandelier style.

We are very excited for the arrival of the Festival Fall/Winter season. There is going to be so much fun everywhere, especially at the Mall. Stop by and see how mashuga (nuts) the place really is.